Dashboard Views

Project Summary

Project Summary shows the progress and performance of the project in one page.

  • The project's budget and how it is planned to be spent over the life of the project
  • The latest cost forecast and how it is planned to be spent against the latest programme plan
  • The forecast final cost that was reported at the end of each period
  • The actual costs spent to date, plotted against time
  • The earned value (EV) achieved by the project so far
  • The Cost Performance Indicator (CPI), representing the cost efficiency against the budget
  • The Schedule Performance Indicator (SPI), representing the schedule performance against the baseline programme
  • The percentage of the forecast final cost that has been spent to date


The Cost Dashboard is focussed on actual and forecast against budget cost. The following information is shown:

Cost dashboard

  • Time phasing of budgeted costs
  • Cost spent to date
  • Forecast costs to complete based on forecast dates
  • Forecast final cost (FFC)

Earned Value

The Earned Value Dashboard shows:

Earned value dashboard

  • The project’s total budget over time (so any changes can be easily seen)
  • Comparison of earned value (EV) against planned value (PV)
  • Comparison of project output to date against forecast output for coming months
  • Ability to filter for project groups or any other user code

Earned value dashboard

  • The trending of the Cost Performance Indicator (CPI) over time
  • The trending of the Schedule Performance Indicator (SPI) over time


The Quantities Dashboard shows:

Quantities dashboard

  • Filter for any of the project’s quantities
  • Time phasing of budgeted quantities
  • Quantities completed to date
  • Forecast Quantities to complete based on forecast dates
  • Forecast final Quantities (FFQ)


The Hours / Labour (MHRs) Dashboard shows:

  • The planned MHRs per period. Resourcing requirements can be back-calculated from this information
  • Actual MHRs spent against planned
  • The forecast MHRs to complete the project
  • The forecast final MHRs reported each period

Easy analysis of your current risk profile

Analyze your data with ease, in whatever way suits you best. Visual risk data is displayed on the dashboard to show the relative sizes of threats and opportunities in each category. Total count of risks with financial and schedule impacts are displayed separately.

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